Gammaco (Thailand) Co., Ltd., established in 1976, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of science educational products for schools and universities in Thailand. In 2006, with response to the growth of spa business in Thailand and the extensive experiences in operating the resort business under the name "PANVIMAN RESORT", Gammaco has then expanded into spa business by supplying spa equipment and products to hotels, resorts, and spa operators throughout Thailand.

Puviman is the brand of our Thai spa products. It was initially offered to Panviman Spa and Panviman Resorts in Chiang Mai and Koh Phangan. After the products are utilized and reputable, they have then been introduced to customers nationwide.

Our spa products include basic amenities, massage oil, body scrub, body mask, massage cream and balm, herbal compress ball, hot massage candle, essential oil, with unique and well-selected Thai ingredients with aromatherapy benefits.

Enhance your moment of relaxation and uplift your mind. Feel it with your senses and indulge in nature with Puviman Spa Products.